Pavement Signage
Information & Orientation Systems

For an exculsive look designed in stainless steel

Thanks to their clean lines and the use of brushed stainless steel the Rio sign system has a timeless appearance. Rio is a frameless information panel designed completely from stainless steel and reduced to the essentials offering you an elegant and unique contemporary sign. The Rio door signs are designed so that the information change be changed quickly and easily by the user. The Rio signage system is the ideal solution for directional signa, way finding systems, departmental signs and corporate signage.

Projecting Sign   Suspended Directional Sign

Simple yet so versatile

The Maxway sign system is designed to be simple, clear and versatile. Maxways components can be used to create everything from a desktop sign to an entire wayfinder system. Maxways versatile components allow you to wall mount or have your signs freestanding, projecting or suspended, single or double sided the Maxway system does it all.
    Direction Sign
Lit Exterior post and panel Sign   Exterior post and panel Sign
Suspended Directional Sign   Door Sign
Post and Panel Systems

Any company's image will be greatly enhanced in appearance by the use of a professional sign system. Carefully co-ordinated with the architecture and the specific requirements of the building they form an essential part of a company's or an organisations identity. Architectural Signage has three functions to inform, to guide, and to identify, and the Post and Panel system will cover all these areas giving your company the exposure it needs. The systems aluminium posts, poles and panels all made to the highest engineering standards combined to provide exterior directory signs with real presence.


  1. Any number of looks can be achieved

2. All components are modular allowing easy change

3. Made from highest quality aluminium

4. All metal components

5. Components kept to a minimum resulting in long lasting finish