Pavement Signage
Monolith Sign Systems

Making sure your massage gets noticed

Monolith sign systems often provide that all important first impression while giving vital expression of customer friendliness at the same time. Carefully co-ordinating with the architecture and the specific requirements of the building they form an essential part of a company or an organisations identity. Architectural Signage has three functions to inform, to guide, and to identify, and the Monolith sign will cover all these area's giving your company the exposure it needs. Made to the highest engineering standards all the Monolith's offer the highest quality fabrication and elegance and can be designed to meet your requirements. All the posts used to build the monoliths have certification from independant engineers of positive results in structural tests.


Illuminated indoor Totem

Internal & External

Two sided vaulted light-column for posters size 594 x 1682mm (2 x DIN A1) or 700 x 2000mm (2 700 x 1000mm). This is a real eyecatcher and looks great in any showroom or recption.

1. Double sided free standing poster light box for internal use

2. Elegant convex design

3. Snap open, snap shut side trim to access posters

4. Anti-glare poster cover permanently fixed

5. Certified with CE regulations